Whether in a residential or a commercial property, trees play a significant role in keeping the appeal and vibrancy of the place. This is especially true in industrial areas where many people come and go every single hour. A well-kept commercial landscape is a sign that you take your business seriously and that you give importance to the safety of your potential clients. People will be encouraged to work with you knowing that you make an effort to care for the trees in your property. Here are the good-to-know facts:

  1. People tend to stay longer and shop more in commercial areas with trees. They are also willing to pay for parking fees in business areas with trees.
  2. There are lower crime rates and domestic violence in areas with trees.
  3. Depending on the size and condition of your tree, it can up the value of your business area. A large well-maintained tree can enhance the value of your property by 10%.
  4. Trees can improve the quality of the air in your property if planted in strategic locations.

It would take us an entire day to discuss the advantages of proper tree maintenance. The good news is, most of the ways to maintain a tree are not overly expensive.

What do commercial trees need?

  • Health Care: Trees are like humans to some extent. Like us, they become prone to diseases if they’re under severe stress. Poor health in trees can result in their decay and death. To maintain the health of your commercial trees, you need help from a professional tree care company. They can provide the proper care that your tree needs to thrive throughout the year.
  • Proper Pruning: Pruning is that one thing your tree needs to have a better shape and improved health. If done right, your trees will benefit from it in ways you can only imagine. Aside from its aesthetic value, pruning also keeps your property safe from any falling limbs and branches.
  • Tree Management: Early detection of health problems in trees is key to healthy and safe commercial trees. It can help you identify issues and prevent them from occurring and causing damage to your business area.

Do Landscapers handle tree care as well?

Landscapers focus on keeping the aesthetics of your entire yard and not just an individual tree. They are different from arborists because the latter works on the health of each tree that make up the whole landscape. Unfortunately, there are instances when landscapers hurt trees in an attempt to achieve the look you want for your landscape. While it is nice to have a beautiful landscape, it can cause more harm than good in the long run and cost you more for having to remove compromised trees due to landscaping.

Advantages of Healthy Trees

Healthy and well-maintained trees offer the following benefits:

  • Increased property value
  • Prevents diseases and infections from spreading among trees
  • Less chance of having liabilities from damages and injuries
  • Ability to give proper care on trees growing in your area
  • Ability to save money for professional service due to less need for pruning
  • Contact a qualified and licensed tree care service to help you give the right care your tree needs